Serving realtors for over 10 years. And they love our work.

“Thank you as always for making my properties look their best! OHP is a cornerstone of the marketing service that I offer.” – Sally Han

Since 2007, it has been our mission to provide professional, timely and inspiring products. This takes passion, a strong work-ethic and is what we strive towards on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality.

The commitment to quality all starts internally with our team of the best photographers we could find who also believe in our mission. Each and everyone of them is not only skilled, but has the creative freedom to capture your home in the best way possible. The standard for great work is high and we encourage each other to do our best and have fun while doing it.  

  • It’s a company that is exciting to work for because of our reputation. We are always showing up to jobs and hearing about how much clients love us and how our work is the best.

    Danny Osterweil
    Danny OsterweilFormer Visual Artist

At the end of the day, we want to be a company that is not just motivated by the bottom line, but by what is best for clients, employees and for the business and hope that your business grows as a result.

  • I thought the photographer was great. The photos turned heads! Especially the drone shots. He really took time and caught some money shots. I was certainly pleased and so was the client.

    Robin Dustan
    Robin DustanSotheby's International Realty

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