We tell the story that makes you money.

Why Open Homes?

We provide real estate agents with the best marketing tools in the industry.

On average, homes marketed using Open Homes sell for 8% higher than asking price. That’s 5% better than our competitors. What else, you say? Days on market (DOM) for Open Homes averages less than 30 days, versus the industry average of 50.8 days. In every way, you’re getting ahead of the game, for both you and your sellers.

Under 30 Days on Market

Lower Days on Market when using OHP

8% Over Asking Price

Get more money for your listing with OHP

For real estate agents, timing is everything. That’s why we guarantee your photos in your inbox by the morning following your shoot. We don’t think getting a listing up needs to be a “process.” You schedule a shoot tomorrow, we show up and give you a variety of the highest quality print and web services and you’re listing is up the next day. Easy peasy.

But what really makes us different, is that we don’t want to give you an advantage just for this one listing. We want to help you grow your business and get more listings for the future. We believe in the snowball effect.

It all starts with differentiating yourself.

When potential clients see that you not only have photography, floor plans, Matterport and aerial, they know their listings will stand out from others. They will choose you and feel confident, knowing you have their best interest at heart.

Save time so you can focus on growing your business

No more showing your listing 5,000 times. With the countless services OHP provides, buyers will feel like they’re at the home even when they’re not. This means you can spend more time focusing on outreach and marketing yourself to win more clients.

Get more listings.

Make it rain referrals. With happy clients, new listings will come faster than ever. And the best part? When using OHP, homes tend to sell much higher than asking. It’s a little bit of magic and we can’t wait to work with you.