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What our partners are saying

  • You’re the best! Love that no matter which photographer I get, the results are consistently the same – professional, beautiful with the same look as if the same photographer took each one. Also I appreciate that they don’t judge the house — $1M or $1.5M or 500K…. they give me a million dollar shot!

    Rosie Nysaether
    Rosie NysaetherTop Producer, Highland Partners
  • As a Real Estate Broker, I can say that without a doubt this company has excellent customer service, was willing to work with me on a very unique order a bit outside of their typical tech capacity, and they pulled it off flawlessly all with very reasonable turn around times! Transparent, communicative and friendly to work with, I’m looking forward to many more projects with Open Homes!

    Rachel Librach
    Rachel LibrachEl Dorado Hills Realty
  • I have been using Open Homes Photography for years and they are responsive, easy to use, with exceptionally fabulous photographers.

    Mary Canavan
    Mary CanavanGrubb Co