3D Matterport


Hold an open house anytime, anywhere

Deliver the most realistic virtual experience for buyers. Matterport allows users to virtually walk the halls at their own pace so they can be inside your listing anytime, anywhere. Think of it as the “always-open” house.

  • The best virtual tour money can buy.
  • Walk from room to room with the click of a mouse.

“Matterport 3D tours and the entire team and product offering at Open House Photography are one of the best things you can do for your listings. Top-notch marketing options that require practically no additional effort on your part.”

What our partners are saying

  • I have been using Open Homes Photography for years and they are responsive, easy to use, with exceptionally fabulous photographers.

    Mary Canavan
    Mary CanavanGrubb Co
  • I just LOVE Open Homes… the quality of what you do, the ease of use of you user-friendly website, the amazing level of customer service you all provide… All OUTSTANDING! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me to better serve my clients with the extraordinary support you provide for me. So happy to be your very satisfied customer!

    Karen Starr
    Karen StarrGrubb Co
  • One of the things everyone needs most in life is peace of mind, and that’s what OHP does for our team. We can’t thank you enough for your flexibility, professionalism and high-quality collateral. And the cherry on top – each and every one of your photographers has been a delight to work with – and when the clients are sometimes present for these shoots – that makes all the difference. Great job, OHP!

    Mary Macpherson
    Mary MacphersonVantage Realty

0-999 sq ft


1000-1999 sq ft


2000-2999 sq ft


3000-3999 sq ft


4000-4999 sq ft


+1000 sq ft (above 5k)


Commercial over 8k sq ft


Outdoor scans (1-10)


“Detached” Scan (like ADU or Garage)


Link Renewal

$75/6 months

2D Floor Plan From Scan


2D Color Floor Plan From Scan


3D Floor Plan From Scan


*Matterpaks™ no longer available from scans.

3D Matterport

  • What is a detached scan?

    Detached Scans are our term for the scans that are created when it is necessary to break the flow of 360-degree scans (360-degree scans are what make up your dollhouse). Sometimes, detached scans are necessary in order to accommodate an ADU, in-law unit, or an additional level not connected by an interior staircase. This added cost is calculated to account for the additional hosting fees imposed by Matterport, the added time editing in post-production, as well as the time spent creating a new scan(s) on site.

  • What if I need to Cancel or Reschedule my appointment?

    We know there are a lot of moving parts to getting a listing up, and marketing is typically that last effort to go live, so we are happy to quickly cancel or work with you to reschedule appointments. However, we do need to adhere to some strict guidelines in order to keep our staff productive and not affect our other customers.


    Cancellation Fees:

    Appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment time are subject to a $150 cancellation fee. Note: This is a differs from our past cancellation policy which was only applied if the appointment was cancelled or rescheduled on the day of the appointment.

    Twilight shoots are particularly dependent on weather, and if the reason for rescheduling is based on bad weather, the customer can avoid the cancellation fee if he or she gives us at least 2 hours notice.

    Aerial shoots are also particularly dependent on weather, and if the reason for rescheduling is based on bad weather, the customer can avoid the cancellation fee.


    Rescheduling Fees:

    OHP allows customers to reschedule an appointment one time at no charge. Additional rescheduling requests may incur a rescheduling fee of $50.

  • What’s the difference between Professional Floor Plans and Matterport Floor Plans?

    At Open Homes Photography we offer a few different types of Floor Plan options in order to meet our clients different needs, budgets, or aesthetic choices.

    Our “Professional Floor Plan” service, which is the commonly known drafting service, includes sending out a qualified and highly trained draftsperson to your property to physically take measurements in person using precision measuring tools. This service is completed in accordance with ANSI standards, offering very accurate renderings of the property. These plans also include dimensions (room sizes) and square foot calculations free upon request, as well as fully measured non living spaces (such as closets, decks, etc..) by request.

    We also offer a “Matterport Floor Plan” service that can be generated from Matterport scans. Because these are derived from camera scans and not precision measuring tools, they are not based on the same ANSI standards and cannot include square footage, some room dimensions, etc. However, as a low cost add-on to our Matterport service these are a perfect marketing tool to give potential buyers the lay of the land, so to speak. While these plans DO NOT include closets, other storage rooms or non-living spaces, you can add on any additional “detached” space needed to these plans (such as decks, garages, and some other spaces) for $25 per additional scan, by having the Matterport artist specifically scan those areas.

  • How long are Matterport Scans live and available to access?

    Matterport “Spaces” aka the property listing link or viewer for your listing’s Matterport are kept “live” and online for 6 months. After 6 months we are forced to “archive” in our Matterport account. They do not get deleted and can be activated any time for a fee of $75. This cost is a hard cost for us as part of our Matterport account limitations and simply passed on to the end user. Our goal is not to monetize this fee, so we are more than happy to also transfer your Matterport Listing Space to your own Matterport account for free. As of this writing, Matterport offers accounts that can be created for $120/year and up depending on how many Spaces you would like to keep active.

  • What does “Virtual Tour” mean to you?

    Many other vendors similar to ours use the term loosely. For some, a “Virtual Tour” is a slide show of still images. For others, it is a website with photos. 

    For us, it is a 3D Matterport scan that will allow you to show the home by swiping from a smartphone or using arrows from the keyboard. The Matterport scan can also be viewed using virtual reality glasses, providing your potential buyer an actual virtual walkthrough!

    We offer ALL of these services! 

    Visit our website for more examples and/or pricing!