Virtual Twilight

Virtual Twilight Photography

Virtual Twilight

Put the magic in “magic hour”—no second appointment required

If you’re looking to capture a property’s beauty at magic hour without the separate evening shoot, add a few Virtual Twilight images to your daytime shoot, and our editors will turn down the lights, turn up the sunset hues, and make everything pop with Hollywood-grade CGI.

Here’s how it works

We photograph the property like we normally would, then our talented group of 3D CGI artists use the latest and greatest Hollywood techniques and software to magically make your afternoon shot look like dusk.

Virtual Twilights are a great alternative to a full twilight shoot. Get that magic hour photo you need to tell a home’s story.

Virtual Twilight

Virtual Twilight Image*

$100 each

Virtual Twilight 3 Pack*


Virtual Twilight 6 Pack*


*Photography service must be purchased.