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A rising tide lifts all boats
We make sure that Open Homes is a great place to work by continually investing in and supporting our team members. When our team members are fulfilled, challenged, and happy, we all benefit.

Members of our team come from all over the world and have all kinds of backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: we are passionate about excelling in our crafts. We work hard to support one another day in and day out.We are fully committed to being one of the best companies in the Bay Area – both for our team members and for our partners.

Our values in action
Talkin’ the talk & walkin’ the walk

We are building a strong community and support system for creative individuals and our real estate partners.

We are committed to collaboration with our peers and our partners because we know that we are better together.

We are genuine and thoughtful in our approach to every conversation, every decision, and every relationship.

We constantly strive to improve as artists, colleagues, and human beings. The industry moves fast, but we move faster.

See what our team members think
Not to toot our own horn, but people seem to like working here

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15 years
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We’re better together

Before joining Open Homes, I was doing everything on my own. Marketing, scheduling, photographing, editing and bookkeeping, and I was burning out in a big way. Shooting with OH not only reignited my passion for photography, but it freed up so much of my time so I could take on more work and focus on being more creative.
Adam Brioza

Feel supported and do your best work
Our team is at the heart of everything we do and we want them to feel supported when they’re at work. We all benefit when our team feels good and has the tools they need to succeed.

Feel Taken Care Of
We want top-notch candidates, which is why we offer top-notch compensation. We want to take care of you since you take such excellent care of our partners!

Connect with your community
Link up routinely with other professionals to ask questions, get answers, and learn from one another. Who betters to learn from than fellow team members?

Level up
We want you to continue to grow as we do. Lots of awesome training is always made available to you so that you have the skills you need to do your best work.

Work your way
From helping you with a communal work space, to getting your home office set up, to working with your schedule, we want you to work however and wherever is best for you!

Mix it up
Though we’re strong proponents of WFH, we still love us a fun get-together! All are welcome for periodic bashes, festivities, shin-digs, and the like.

Get your health on
Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to your overall health. Our Health and Wellness Program enables you to be successful and achieve what you want out of life!