Real Estate Floor Plans

Real Estate Floor Plans


Help buyers visualize the layout of their next home

Don’t expect your buyers to be able to recall the layouts of all 20 homes they toured over the weekend. Provide detailed floor plans so buyers can revisit the home and understand the dimensions of the space. Give out-of-town or overseas buyers a way to easily see the home’s layout in reference to your beautiful photos.

We can also make those standard Black & White Floor plans pop with color! Or go the extra step and have us create a 3D Floor Plan to really show off the listings layout.

And for a more dynamic experience, we can add in your listing photos for the ultimate interactive experience. The upgraded interactive floor plans (+$100) come with photos linked to the spaces so buyers know how the space flows without needing to be at the home.

  • You’re the best! Love that no matter which photographer I get, the results are consistently the same – professional, beautiful with the same look as if the same photographer took each one. Also I appreciate that they don’t judge the house — $1M or $1.5M or 500K…. the give me a million dollar shot!

    Rosie Nysaether
    Rosie NysaetherTop Producer, Highland Partners

Floor Plans

0-999 sq ft


1000-1999 sq ft


2000-2999 sq ft


3000-3999 sq ft


4000-4999 sq ft


5000+ sq ft (residential)

$0.12 / sq ft

5000+ sq ft (commercial)

$250 / hour

Add Dimensions

Free upon request

Floor Plan ReDraw (from existing plans)


Color Floor Plans

+ $50

3D + Color Floor Plans

+ $100

Site Plans (<10k sq ft lot)


Site Plans (10-25k sq ft lot)


Site Plans (>25k sq ft lot)

$250 / hour

Interactive Floor Plan


Selected Tiers should always include desired non-living or unwarranted space. If you want it measured, we’ll include it in the correct tier price.

Floor Plans