FPV Aerial Videos

First Person Aerial Video


Explore your listings without limitation.

First-person view drone (also called FPV drone) is an increasingly popular aerial video option for real estate marketing, and for good reason.

Historically, drones are piloted from the pilot’s perspective on the ground. Traditional drone videos are limited in terms of speed and angles, which is why you’ll often see the same 3-4 angles circulated throughout aerial videos. With FPV video, the FPV drones are specifically designed for first-person view flight and are piloted from the drone’s point of view – usually with special FPV drone goggles. The FPV drone’s speed is adjustable and the number of movements the drone can make is nearly limitless. The result is an engaging, immersive, first-person point-of-view aerial video that can travel throughout the home and beyond.

Our drone operators are specially trained in FPV drone flying and have spent thousands of hours of flight time practicing. We use custom-made, hand-built drones specifically designed for our FPV applications. Our editors spend about four hours editing for every one hour our Visual Artists spend onsite. They use Hollywood-grade telemetry data and software to help ensure a perfectly smooth end product.

Why Use FPV Aerials To Market Listings?

Show them a perspective like none other.

Experience a true bird’s eye view while touring a home and beyond. FPV drones offer the most unique home tour out there; zoom around a vineyard estate in the North Bay. Fly through an East Bay bungalow before panning to a nearby park. Soar past skyscrapers before landing inside a San Francisco high-rise. FPV drone gives a heart-stopping performance as you fly past trees, up stairwells, through rooms, and back into the sky.

Create a virtual tour they won’t forget.

Stay top of mind with an engaging first-person view drone video that prospective buyers can watch again and again. FPV offers a new level of incredible interior acrobatics that buyers won’t soon forget. Plus, FPV drone video is easily shareable on social media and email blasts. The finished aerial video will never expire so that you can continue to use it in your real estate portfolio marketing long after the home has sold so that you can cinch future listings.

Give the home context.

You’re not just selling a house; you’re selling the home’s location. Take advantage of the home’s features both indoors and out and show off the prime placement in the neighborhood. FPV drone flying helps capture the surrounding neighborhood and show off all the area has to offer, whether your listing is in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, or beyond. Our FPV videos can help provide context for the home.

  • I thought the photographer was great. The photos turned heads! Especially the drone shots. He really took time and caught some money shots. I was certainly pleased and so was the client.

    Robin Dustan
    Robin DustanSotheby's International Realty
  • “EVERYONE I’ve dealt with at Open Homes was incredible – incredible at their craft but also so kind and warm and lovely to work with… Real estate is at an all time stress level for agents right now and having you guys on my side, knowing the level of products you offer, the level of service you offer just makes everything a million times better.”

    Beth Ellis
    Beth EllisCompass

FPV (First Person View) Aerial Videos Examples