• Mary Macpherson

    - by Sierra Freeman

    One of the things everyone needs most in life is peace of mind, and that’s what OHP does for our…

  • Taylor Sublett

    - by Sierra Freeman

    Easy to schedule and consummately professional. Every photographer/videographer I have worked with through Open Homes has been very skilled and…

  • Al Clifford

    - by Sierra Freeman

    Open Homes does a wonderful job. They are professional and deliver a great product in a short period of time.…

  • Rachel Librach

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    As a Real Estate Broker, I can say that without a doubt this company has excellent customer service, was willing…

  • Andrea Scott

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    Open Homes Photography is a game changer. Sure, run of the mill Realtors use the less expensive options, but Open…

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    Open Homes Photography is SIMPLY. THE. BEST…I would never go anywhere else – the convenience, quality, quick turnaround and flexible…

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    Partnering with Open Homes was one of the best decisions made for my business…Their services streamlined my listing process and…

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    There has never been a reason to consider another photography team…We look for partners who share our commitment to customer…

  • Daniele Maxwell

    - by Sierra Freeman

    We are always so pleased with the quality and pride Open Homes Photography takes in photographing each home staging project…It…

  • Mary Canavan

    - by Steven Whitright

    I have been using Open Homes Photography for years and they are responsive, easy to use, with exceptionally fabulous photographers.