Introducing a cozy Virtual Fire edit: our newest free feature!

Introducing a cozy Virtual Fire edit: our newest free feature!
August 31, 2023 Sierra Freeman

Introducing a cozy Virtual Fire edit: our newest free feature!

We’re excited to unveil our latest offering designed to elevate your real estate listings even further: free Virtual Fire edits made to any of your images which feature a fireplace! Picture this: a warm and inviting fireplace crackling with life, instantly drawing potential buyers into the heart of the home. With our brand new edit, we’re adding the magic of fire to your listing’s fireplace(s).

We understand the importance of creating a captivating first impression, and a cozy fireplace can do just that. Our skilled team will insert a lifelike fire into all of your listing’s fireplace images, adding a touch of warmth and charm that is sure to resonate with buyers.

You don’t need to do anything on your end to take advantage of the Virtual Fire edit. The edited image(s) will be available in Atrium alongside your other photos. And, if you’d rather not to use images with fire in the fireplace, don’t worry! You’ll still receive the unedited versions as well.

Don’t forget that you also have 5 free basic edits to use!

As a reminder, each order already comes with 5 free basic edits. From removing unsightly hoses from the yard to tidying up cords from lamps and TVs, we’re here to ensure every detail is just right. And don’t forget about our free “batch edits,” perfect for brightening all your photos and creating a consistent, polished look. The fireplace edits will NOT count toward your 5 free basic edits.

At Open Homes, we’re not just photographers—we’re your partners in presenting properties in the best possible light. With our new Virtual Fire edit and a suite of other complimentary enhancements, your listings will captivate buyers and stand out from the competition. Get ready to ignite buyer interest with the cozy charm of a crackling fireplace!

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