Screen Appeal: The New Frontier

Screen Appeal: The New Frontier
November 27, 2023 Sierra Freeman

Screen Appeal: The New Frontier

Today, in a world dominated by digital platforms like Redfin, Zillow, and, the game has shifted to a space where pixels – not picket fences – make the first impression.

Enter the era of Screen Appeal™.

The real estate landscape has undergone a profound transformation in the last decade or so. Gone are the days when buyers were wooed by manicured lawns and pristine facades as they pulled up to the listing. Gone are the days when agents were the primary matchmakers between homes and homeowners. Now, a buyer’s first impression is almost always on a screen. It’s a photo or video on a marketplace or listing website. Curb appeal now matters most where most of us spend our time – on the screen. 

At Open Homes, we have witnessed and innovated around this shift to screen appeal. Historically, buyers depended heavily on their agents for numerous tasks, from discovering properties to conducting tours and managing paperwork. However, as the dynamics of home searching have evolved, so too has the role of the agent. Curb appeal was once the pinnacle of property allure, but today’s discerning buyers navigate Zillow and Redfin with ease. They swipe, click, and explore properties online, usually even before they’ve set foot on a single property. In this digital age, if a listing doesn’t captivate in the first few seconds, buyers swiftly move on.

So, what does this mean for agents today?

It underscores a profound truth: to truly add value for their sellers in this digital era, agents need to up their marketing game and meet buyers where they are searching. It’s no longer just about presenting a home; it’s about presenting it in a way that it shines on screen. And screens are simply where buyers are. The top four leading marketplaces (Zillow,, Redfin, and log over 350 million unique visitors every month, making that digital “first impression” imperative. The quality of listing photos and their ability to effectively capture curb appeal is often the reason buyers visit an open house our not, which cements the notion that ‘Screen Appeal™’ isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the currency of effective real estate marketing.

At Open Homes, we pride ourselves on being the custodians of this new age appeal. We have perfected the craft of creating stunning content that tells a home’s story and ensures it stands out from the sea of other listings. Our commitment to screen appeal is just one reason why top producers consistently choose us as their secret weapon. With us, properties don’t just get noticed – they get remembered.

While online platforms have indeed revolutionized the way homes are bought and sold, they’ve also elevated the importance of how homes are showcased. At Open Homes, we believe in empowering agents with the tools, expertise, and content they need to navigate this new landscape. 

Harness the power of Screen Appeal™ with Open Homes, and ensure every listing is truly appreciated. Screen appeal might not just be the difference between driving open house visits and offers, but could be the deciding difference on whether an agent lands that next listing. 

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