So long, photography—hello, partnership!

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Company Updates

Our name has changed—and here’s what that means for you

Don’t worry, our phenomenal photography isn’t going anywhere! But we did drop the word from our name, and from now on, you’ll see us going by “Open Homes.” It might seem like a small adjustment, but it’s an indicator of radical changes we’ve made to our company. After 16 years of producing millions of incredible images that have contributed to over $60 billion in real estate transactions, we’ve learned that success is way more about relationships than any single deliverable. So long, ‘photography’—hello, partnership. Here’s to many more years of creative collaboration! In addition to the name change, you’ll see that we’ve recently made a variety of changes, both big and small, but they all have one thing in common: they were made to better serve you—our clients! We quadrupled the size of our team, added additional services, and used your feedback to guide our newest updates. Read on to learn more about what we’ve been up to.

This might seem trivial. So why did we drop “Photography” from our name?

Photography used to be our bread and butter, sure, but we now have more than a dozen valuable services from websites and virtual products to premium video and floor plans. We’ve also invested over two years and a lot of capital into our new Real Estate Listing Management System called Atrium. And don’t forget that our Customer Success team has grown over 4X since the beginning of 2020. The short of it is that we have invested so much blood, sweat, and tears into creating a soup to nuts pipeline of products, services, technology, and support system designed to help you sell this listing, and the next—faster and over asking.

Behind the Scenes

A few words from John Hayes, Founder & CEO

John Hayes takes a look back at how Open Homes first began, how the company is changing the industry, and how it’s raising the bar for modern real estate marketing.

What’s New?

Awesome updates that make your life easier

We challenge our team to help create the latest and greatest trends in real estate marketing, rather than staying one step behind and reacting after the market changes. We stay ahead of the pack so that your marketing materials use the most cutting-edge technology, tools, and techniques. We’ve used your valuable knowledge of the ever-changing market and our unparalleled knowledge of our craft to make a ton of changes so that your experience as an agent working with Open Homes is smoother than ever before.

Officially introducing Atrium: the heart of your team

Atrium, formerly known as the Agent Dashboard, is where all of your orders, digital marketing, and assets live. Think of it as the hub where you can access everything related to your listings. You can see past, current, and future appointments, schedule new appointments, access your marketing materials, pay your invoices, and much more.

A bigger, better Client Success team

Our ultimate goal is to foster long lasting partnerships, which meant we needed a larger client success team, as well as dedicated Account Managers. With this larger team, we can continue to provide industry-crushing response times to your calls, texts, and emails.

Accessible and useful for all

We put a lot of work into making sure that our site and your property websites are as accessible to as many people as possible. Read our blog post to see the exact measures we’ve taken to follow ADA guidelines.

Collaborate easily with team members

Never forward photos again! Collaborators can view and download photos, edit your website, and even place orders on your behalf. Click here to view a video about Collaborators and how to add them to your team.

Place orders in no time at all

Ordering with us will be the easiest thing you’ll do all day with our new, seamless service request form. Preview services, compare packages, and place an order quickly so you can get back to handling everything else on your plate.

Need edits? Just ask!

Alright, we admit this isn’t actually new, but we don’t think enough people know about it! We are committed to working with you long term, which is why we want you to be completely satisfied with your marketing content. Want your photos brightened a bit? Need a stray cord photoshopped from the TV? Just ask and we’ll be happy to help!

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