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Why you need to develop your personal brand (and how Open Homes can help)

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What is a personal brand and why is it important?

As an agent, you can have the best reviews, a winning personality, and a great track record for buying or selling homes, but your distinct perspective and approach needs to be instantly communicated to prospective clients. In other words it’s crucial to your long-term success as an agent for your audience to instantly “get you”.

Imagine walking past a store. The store’s exterior, signage, and the window display are all part of that store’s brand. How does the outside make you feel? Do you trust the business? Are you intrigued enough to go inside?

Now, imagine walking inside. What  do you feel as you look around? What kind of music is playing? How do the associates communicate with you? How easy is it to find what you were looking for? To move through the line? Each point in the customer’s journey is an opportunity to express and reinforce your personal brand.

If successful, by the end of your journey, the store will have earned a repeat customer and a recognizable brand that you’ll remember in the future.

It can be intimidating to consider developing and fine-tuning your personal brand.  Luckily, that’s where Open Homes comes in.  

The most successful agents have a memorable personal brand

Many of our clients have their marketing and branding locked down, which definitely helps contribute to their overall success. In fact, 75% of San Francisco’s top 20 realtors are Open Homes customers. What characteristics do all of these agents have in common?

For one, they know which products they like and they have a trusted partner who can provide them. Some agents always order aerial video, and some can’t do without Twilights. Whatever types of services they swear by, our agents come to us to deliver. After working with so many clients for so long, we often have notes regarding the types of photos and post-production they like, which makes providing the perfect assets even easier.

For the most successful agents, a property website for each listing is a must. Not only does it provide a single place where all the assets can be found, but it’s a great opportunity to show off an agent’s personal brand. From the custom URL an agent chooses to their team’s logo, branding colors, and a thorough “About Me” section, an agent has many chances to insert their personal branding throughout the property site in order to show a potential client what they’re all about.

The bottom line

We offer multiple ways that you can customize your touchpoints with your clients, but we also provide agents with high-quality deliverables and constantly push the envelope when it comes to the latest ways to market real estate. We’ve developed tried-and-true approaches to marketing that tell a home’s unique story and entice buyers so that you can focus on everything else on your plate, and our packages allow agents to offer their clients a whole suite of products to set themselves apart.