Aerial Video and Video Tour Music Options

Music to tell your listing’s best story.

We’ve got a bunch of great music tracks to perfectly score your property video. Please select a genre and we’ll use our preferred track, or take a listen to our offerings to tell us exactly which track you would like to use. Note: Selecting a track or changing a track after your video has been produced may be subject to a change order and subsequent $25 fee.


For those modern properties, we offer a number of Electronic tracks that really tell the story of clean lines, modern surfaces, and sleek appliances.

Electronic Hip Hop

Atlantic Way

Laid Back Hip Hop with Piano and Syncopated Beats

Ctrl Instrumental

Down Beat Hip Hop with overladen Piano and Samples


This is a great mix of Classical and mellow Acoustic style music examples that work great with traditional 19th century Victorian style houses, or those expansive wine country villas.

Upbeat Instrumentals

Make your listing pop with Jazz, rock/pop and acoustic genres. Add a jazzy mix to that Eichler, or some floaty Acoustic Soft Pop to awesome aerial footage of that incredible family ranch style listing.

Rock, Jazz & Folk

Wild Love

Uplifting Folk Mandolin & Ukulele, Acoustic Drums, Percussion, Strings, Orchestra





Score your video with subtle impact of cinematic ambient sounds, or hit the title screen with impact like a Michael Bay movie with our selection of cinematic tracks. These are great for those incredible properties that belong on the big screen.