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Los Altos, California has a rich history that first began in 1906 after Paul Shoup and his colleagues founded the Altos Land Co. They purchased land to develop a town alongside the Southern Pacific Railroad. This strategic location, named for its elevation, quickly became a hub for the community. With the formation of the Los Altos School District in 1910, the area’s identity expanded, encompassing a larger region including Los Altos Hills. Post-World War II, the population surged, leading to Los Altos becoming a city in 1952. Despite the decline of rail travel, the town’s infrastructure adapted, transforming the old railroad into the Foothill Expressway.

Los Altos was originally celebrated for its agricultural heritage, particularly as a leading apricot producer. The local economy and culture were also enriched by diverse activities, including a notable golf country club established during the Depression Era and the annual Pet Parade, a tradition since 1948. The area has been home to pioneers of the digital age, further emphasizing its significance in Silicon Valley’s history.

Today, Los Altos is recognized for its high quality of life, strong sense of community, excellent schools, and beautiful natural surroundings. The preservation of historical sites, like the J. Gilbert Smith House, and the ongoing celebration of traditions, such as the Festival of Lights, contribute to the city’s charm and appeal. These elements, alongside the area’s innovation legacy and the continued celebration of its agricultural roots, make Los Altos a unique and desirable place to live.

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For more detailed information about Los Altos’ history and its appeal as a place to live, visit the City of Los Altos’ official website.

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