Virtual Decluttering and Virtual Renovation

Virtual Decluttering and Virtual Renovation

Virtual Renovation

Reimagine your listings without lifting a finger

Present any home in its best light—even if it’s not picture-perfect just yet. Virtual Decluttering and Virtual Renovation can help clean up messy rooms, or—if you’re going for a brand-new look—even completely refurbish a space.

For the not-so-visual buyers, Virtual Decluttering and Virtual Renovation services give the space a much needed facelift without spending money on cleaning services or renovations.

Why use Virtual Decluttering or Virtual Renovation?

In a perfect world, every house would be cleaned, staged, and ready for its time in the spotlight. In reality, though, this isn’t always possible. Perhaps there are major time constraints and a house can’t be thoroughly cleaned before photos are taken. Or, perhaps an agent wants to demonstrate a house’s potential without spending a ton of time or money on renovations – but still wants to show off the home’s many possibilities!

In these situations, it makes the most sense to make changes virtually. Virtual Decluttering and Virtual Renovation are both quick and much more cost effective than hiring a cleaning crew or making actual renovations to a home.

Please remember that when showing off Virtual Renovation photos, agents should disclose that the renderings are edited photos and are for artistic/demonstrative purposes only.

Here’s how it works

We photograph the property completely as-is. You don’t need to lift a finger.

For Virtual Decluttering, we’ll remove the clutter from the photograph and return the image to you the following day.

For Virtual Renovation, our expert team will work with you to make your vision come to life. Our team can use items from our Virtual Gallery or they can even utilize samples that you send.


More examples

Virtual Decluttering

Virtual Decluttering Image*

$150 each

*Photography service must be purchased.

Virtual Renovation

Virtual Renovation Image*

$300 each

*Photography service must be purchased.