5 Tips for Marketing your Listing on Social

5 Tips for Marketing your Listing on Social
August 16, 2018 Sierra Freeman
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Market Your Listing Like a Pro

Once you’ve gotten your listing. Letting it just sit on a listing website and expecting leads to fall in your lap isn’t exactly our idea of a proactive strategy. Social opens up many different avenues to effectively market your home and get the highest sale price possible.

Use Targeted Keywords and Hashtags

Make sure you’re getting your listing in front of the right people

Marketing your listing on social broadens your reach but in order to get in front of the right audience. You should be using targeted keywords and hashtags. Check out a couple great keywords and hashtags to be using in your posts. (link to Blog)

Use High Quality Images

Catch buyers’ attention with a great first photo

Social was built for sharing images. Don’t fall victim to unappetizing photos. We highly recommend hiring a professional photographer that can capture every detail of the listing and really bring it to life.

Create a Custom Property Website

Once you’ve piqued their interest, give them a place to go

So a potential buyer sees your home on social and is in LOVE. Don’t leave them hanging. By setting up a custom property website (and no we don’t me a Zillow listing) they have a place to go to get all of the information: like a walkthrough (see #4) setting up a showing and any other info they might be looking for.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Time is of the essence

People are busy. By giving a 360 degree of the home from the comfort of their couch saves both of you time. They can get a feel for the home and you don’t have to schedule an open house for uninterested buyers

Tell your Home’s Story

Tell them what they can’t see

Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the home. Let them know the restaurants and coffee shops that are close by. Give them the highlight real of the home.

There’s no guarantee when it comes to selling your home but by doing even just one of these 5 steps we think you’ll be bringing out that “Sold” sign in no time.

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  1. Marcus Coons 6 years ago

    I loved when you mentioned how you should get high-quality images when listing your home. It is important to understand that getting the right tools can help you find the best way to advertise your home. Personally, I would also want to take the time to check with a real estate agent in order to get the best results.

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