7 Reasons Every Realtor Needs to Use Single Property Websites

7 Reasons Every Realtor Needs to Use Single Property Websites
July 10, 2024 Sierra Freeman

7 Reasons Every Realtor Needs to Use Single Property Websites

A property website is essential for real estate agents who want to stay competitive and secure future listings. It strengthens your brand, builds your portfolio, impresses potential clients, and keeps past successes visible. For sellers, it provides a comprehensive marketing tool that beautifully presents their home. For listings, it increases exposure, generates leads, and markets a listing in a much more appealing way than aggregate sites or even the MLS.

It Benefits You, the Agent

1. Impress potential clients

A property website allows you to present a professional record of your past listings. During listing presentations, numbers alone may not convince clients, but a property website can make a significant impact. Showing a visual track record of your successful sales assures future clients of your expertise. 

Just like architects and contractors document their projects, you need to document each listing to display your marketing wins. Sellers want consistency in your marketing, and with our free, always-live “Permalinks,” your work remains accessible indefinitely. This “permanent portfolio” helps you demonstrate your capability and consistency as a realtor and marketer.

View the property website for an $18M waterfront Mill Valley home

2. Strengthen your brand and build your portfolio

You may have heard this statement: “Marketing is asking someone out on a date. Branding is the reason they say yes.” A seller may see your marketing ad, but selecting you as their agent will ultimately depend on your branding. How did you make them feel? Do your past listings instill confidence?

When you create a property website, you have the chance to create an extension of your brand. It acts as a dedicated site intended to market the listing, but it’s also an important tool by which you can market yourself. Aggregate sites like Realtor.com and Zillow are popular, but they are made with the express intent of getting potential buyers to contact their agents – not you. These sites are designed to keep visitors scrolling through thousands of listings, which means your listing is constantly competing for attention. A dedicated property website lets you and your listing enjoy the entire spotlight.

It Benefits Your Sellers

3. Excite your seller

Selling a home is one of the most significant experiences a person will have in their lifetime. When it comes to marketing a home, it’s an agent’s job to carefully consider both the sellers’ emotions as they prepare to leave a home filled with memories, and the buyers’ emotions as they prepare to make a significant investment in a place where they can create their own memories. One of the best ways to excite sellers and buyers alike is with a unique website that celebrates its very best features.

View the property website for a Mid-Century Modern gem in Palo Alto

4. To tell a home’s story, don’t rely on the MLS

The MLS is great for showing off rows of data, but it’s awful when it comes to getting a seller excited about a home. Somewhere between the low-resolution thumbnails and the very restrictive character limit, the home’s unique story is lost. Additionally, because the MLS often allows for just one link to be added, you’re forced to choose between all the types of content you ordered. 

On the other hand, a dedicated property website with high-quality images, room for as many Video Tours and Matterports as you’d like, and unlimited space for text allows you to fully and beautifully tell a home’s story.

It Benefits Your Listings

5. Increase a listing’s exposure

Exposure is key to selling a property, and a dedicated website can increase visibility. Share it widely: post on social media, add the link to the MLS, aggregate sites, email blasts, newsletters, and more. 

Use our complimentary QR codes at open houses, or add it to brochures or flyers to direct viewers to your property website where they can interact with features not available on paper marketing materials.

Your website won’t immediately jump to the first Google search results page, but it is just one more tool in your arsenal that can help get more visitors interested in your listing if they first visit the site and like what they see!

View the property website for a 4,000 sqft Belvedere home with panoramic views of San Francisco

6. Generate and capture new leads

Our property websites include contact forms and Calendly links which can link back to the agent’s own marketing site. These facilitate easy lead generation and appointment scheduling. They also ensure you capture every potential lead, streamlining your follow-up process and increasing your chances of making a sale. 

Potential buyers still get the benefit of seeing a perfectly-curated property website and can contact you when they are ready to set up a meeting or tour, and you get the benefit of having that additional traffic routed to your personal site.

7. Nail your competitive marketing presentations

Imagine you’re being interviewed by a potential seller. To demonstrate the marketing of your recent listings, you pull up small photos from the MLS, then head to Vimeo for the Video Tour, and navigate to Matterport for the walkthrough tour. You lack neighborhood information and photos, and can’t find the home’s features, so you skip those. Hopefully, it’s enough to seal the deal!

With a property website, showing your past marketing successes and securing the next listing is easier than ever. A property website lets you present all your marketing materials in one place and tell the home’s story in the best way possible.

Want to check out examples of our property websites and see even more features we offer? Visit us at www.open-homes.com/property-websites/.

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