How Twilight photography can help hard-to-sell properties and improve selling price

How Twilight photography can help hard-to-sell properties and improve selling price
October 22, 2021 Sierra Freeman

Earlier this year we wrote a blog post about Virtual Twilights which explained the benefits of using photoshopped “Golden Hour” photos to make listings sell faster. But we shouldn’t neglect good, old-fashioned Twilight shoots – no photoshop needed! 

By the way, if you’re curious about Virtual Twilights and want to see more examples, check out our services page here.

When are regular Twilight Shoots appropriate?

There are times when Virtual Twilights make the most sense. Maybe an agent is listing a small condo and there’s only one big window, so a full Twilight shoot (which provides up to 20 images) doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Or maybe the agent just wants a pre-marketing shoot with a few exteriors with a single Twilight image made from one of those daytime images. In these cases, Virtual Twilights are more than sufficient.

But what about a house that has an incredible backyard? Or a house with panoramic views of the Bay? These types of homes would almost certainly benefit from a regular Twilight shoot in which one of our photographers is actually onsite. Plus, in-person Twilight shoots deliver more photos overall.

Do people really prefer Twilights over daytime photos?

The short answer: yes! Check out this poll we ran on our Instagram page. People chose the Twilight image every time!


How do Twilight images help sell homes?

You’re probably wondering what all the hype around Twilights is about. How are they so effective in selling homes, anyway?

The answer is that Twilight images help spark buyer interest. It’s that simple! One real estate company in Sydney noticed that a house they’d had on the market for about a week was lagging. The first week a listing is launched is usually the busiest in terms of interest, but potential buyers just weren’t biting. The agents decided to swap out the main image for a Twilight shot and the effects were immediately noticeable:

“This house was tracking at about 1,000 views in one week with about 10 call-ins. Then we changed the photo the next week (nothing else) to a twi­light shot. Guess what? Where views normally drop off (because it is considered a stale listing after 1 week), they picked up by approximately 50% to 1,500 views and 15 call-ins in a week when inquiries traditionally drops off.”

Instead of getting less interest in its second week on the market (as is typical), changing just the hero image to a Twilight shot caused a notable increase in buyer interest. Why might this happen?

There are a few reasons: 

  1. Twilights create a luxury feel.

As we mentioned before, a home at sunset just looks nicer. There’s a reason that  Golden Hour photoshoots for family portraits and weddings are so popular, after all. The golden light makes everything look and feel more premium. In home buying and selling, a more premium feel means higher bids.

  1. Photos taken at sunset show off unique features.

Do the pool, hot tub, and waterfall light up at night? Are there landscaping lights? How about security lights? All of these are easy to overlook in daytime photography, but are much easier to appreciate at night.

  1. Professional photography helps listings sell.

As always, the bottom line is that professional photography sells. Research shows that professional photos help listings stay on the market for fewer days, and often sell for over asking. Buyers are much more interested in homes that have a great-looking appearance online and in print.

The bottom line.

Twilight images work because they elicit an emotional response from buyers. While anyone can see a home in the day, Twilight images give a more intimate look into the home. What does a sunset look like from the living room? How do the string lights illuminate the backyard? How does the pool look as the sun sets?

Twilights help potential buyers imagine themselves winding down for the evening in their new home. This drives interest in the home which turns into higher selling prices.

If you’re curious about the finished products from a Twilight Shoot, check out our services page here!


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