3 Simple Tips to Get More People to Your Open House

3 Simple Tips to Get More People to Your Open House
August 30, 2018 Sierra Freeman

Like most agents, you’re probably thrilled to show off your listings in person during open houses. After spending lots of time, money, and energy getting your listing ready for its Open House debut, we want to make sure you attract the maximum number of people possible. Read on for a few tips for how to get people to stop by the property – and hopefully entice the perfect buyer.

1. Use social media to your advantage

We cannot stress this enough! The home buying process has completely changed in the digital age and now begins online. Many potential homebuyers sift through sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia and will even cross homes off their list based on the information they find online (hint: don’t just take photos with your phone!). Be sure to post professional photography on these kinds of sites and begin a social media campaign before the Open House to entice buyers to stop by. This can be as simple as posting a few photos of the home and including details abut the upcoming Open House, or posting a Teaser Video and encouraging buyers to come visit to get the whole experience.

2. Directional signs are your friend

Even though most Open House visitors will likely have planned out their visit, you may still be able to encourage last-minute visitors to stop by who are in the neighborhood. You’ll probably get a few interested neighbors who aren’t interested in purchasing the home and just want the chance to peep in (who doesn’t like getting a glimpse into their neighbor’s places?) but you never know! They might mention the home to a family member or friend who really is in the market and looking to buy.

Of course, the benefits of these signs are two-fold; they also help people who had already planned on visiting and might just need some extra guidance in getting there. Don’t be afraid to put lots of signs out at nearby intersections, as well as closer to the property.

If you’re planning on using signs, check out this Homelight article with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Open House signs (and some common mistakes to avoid!).

3. Market with print materials

Even though most of your marketing should be done online, you can reach many locals by using tried-and-true methods like distributing pamphlets, sending out postcards, or posting flyers in nearby hubs. Consider leaving your print on bulletin boards in local shopping centers and community centers. You’ll be able to reach people who are not on social media (but are still in the market to buy!) with these strategically-placed print materials.

If you need help on the print material front, consider letting Open Homes Photography help! We offer several types of eye-catching print materials to help you capture the attention of interested parties.


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