“Burlington CEO Michael O’Sullivan lists lavish California estate for $12.75M”

“Burlington CEO Michael O’Sullivan lists lavish California estate for $12.75M”
March 7, 2022 Sierra Freeman

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“Here’s a place to hang your coat.

Burlington CEO Michael O’Sullivan is listing his opulent Northern California estate for $12.75 million.

Made up of five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the main residence was initially designed in the early 1900s by renowned architect Charles Peter Weeks.

At the time, Weeks was commissioned to create the glorious Beaux Arts-style mansion for prominent East Bay banker Edson Adams for around $100,000

In the 1970s, following Adams death, Joseph Russell Knowland Sr., a congressman and publisher of the Oakland Tribune newspaper, purchased the home.

It remained in the family until 2004 when it sold. Four years later, in 2008, Sullivan, 56, purchased the property for $5.95 million.

If he is able to score anywhere near the asking price, he will be walking away with a hefty profit.”

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