COVID 19 News: We’re resuming business effective 3/31

COVID 19 News: We’re resuming business effective 3/31
March 30, 2020 Jeff Klein

Dear valued OHP clients,

Open Homes Photography and all our related independent contractors are taking the COVID 19 pandemic very seriously. After pausing all on-site services for the past two weeks due to the mandatory shelter in place, we have evaluated different options, and with the announcement from CAR, we have devised a path forward.

In order to resume “basic minimum requirements” for on-site appointments and abide by the county and state health mandates, Open Homes Photography is taking comprehensive measures to remove all human interaction from our on-site appointments. All other staff are currently working from home.

In order to continue services safely, we must require all of the following:

  • The property must be vacant and not the tenant or owner-occupied
  • The property must be accessible via lockbox, remote code, or single agent providing entry with no direct interaction.
  • The property must be completely vacated for 24hrs: no contractors, construction workers, cleaners, stagers, etc on-site.
  • A comprehensive “shot list” or any special photo requests prior to the appointment
  • A credit card must be provided at the time of order
  • Enforce a strict policy of charging a cancelation fee of $250 if the above criteria are not met

In order to protect our staff and independent contractors under the current mandates and health guidelines, we must enforce a strict policy limiting the on-site presence to ONLY our scheduled visual artists. If a visual artist arrives on site to find a high-risk environment containing other agents, assistants, cleaners, stagers, workers, etc., we will be forced to charge a cancellation fee and reschedule the appointment. We value your support and hope that together we can create a safe, low-risk environment in which we can begin to prosper and resume some normalcy during this pandemic.

Help us help you and the Bay Area to lower the curve!

Thank you,
John Hayes
CEO & Founder


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