Instagram Photo Hacks to Market Your Listing

Instagram Photo Hacks to Market Your Listing
September 18, 2018 Sierra Freeman

Ahhh Instagram. This may be one of the best ways to advertise your listing. It’s image-focused so people can immediately see your home without having to click or do a search. There are a few easy ways to optimize how you can use Instagram

  1. Make it a great photo: clean, crisp, and bright
    1. This goes without saying. If it’s not a great photo, people won’t be interested.
  2. Use ads to target your audience
    1. You can target ads to people in certain areas and with specific interests. That way they don’t have to already be following you, you just pop up in their feed.
  3. Provide a walkthrough on Instagram stories
    1. Once your home is on the market, give a room by room walkthrough on your stories.
  4. Link to your property website in your profile
    1. We’ve already mentioned how important it is to have a great property website and here is another way to advertise it. You can either link directly to it from your target ads, have people swipe up from your Insta story or you can always let people know that your most recent listing is in your profile.


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