“San Francisco Victorian that survived 1906 quake asks $4.6M”

“San Francisco Victorian that survived 1906 quake asks $4.6M”
February 1, 2022 Sierra Freeman

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Presidio Heights’ 331 Arguello withstood the Great Earthquake of 1906 and, in a twist of good fortune for lovers of all things Victorian, the many quakes that followed thereafter. The hundred-plus-year-old home is now for sale, asking $4.595 million.

Curbside, this beautiful Victorian is iconic, historic San Francisco. Architectural details have been preserved, painted and polished.

Note intricate wood carving and embellishment, ornate gables, stained glass and the pitched roof promising a romantic, secret attic-like upper level. This 4,223-square-foot home is picture perfect.”

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