Virtual Renovation

Virtual Renovation
April 6, 2020 Sierra Freeman

What is Virtual Renovation and why do agents choose to use it?

Let’s say you’ve secured your newest listing and what it really needs is a demo team and an interior designer. If you can’t wait for Chip and Joanna to fix up your listing, Virtual Renovation is your next-best option.
Use Virtual Renovation to completely strip a room and start over! Add in new flooring, furniture, paint, light fixtures, and decor. Does your seller want to see how their bedroom will look with hardwood floors, cabinets, and furniture? Now they can.

Virtual Renovation 1

The renovation process starts by de-cluttering or removing portions of the room. Tell us what your vision is – we can help!
The goal in the image above was to cut down on the amount of wood and replace with a sleeker, more modern kitchen. We added storage in back and replaced the island and cabinets with a minimalistic design.

Virtual Renovation 2

In the image above, our editors removed the shelving, light fixtures, and furniture. They added fresh new “paint” and added furniture for a more modern feel.

Virtual Renovation 3 Virtual Renovation 4

Why is Virtual Renovation so popular?

Most people process visually! It can be difficult for potential buyers to see themselves living in a home if it’s still full of the previous occupant’s things. Virtual Renovation is a great way to clean up a listing. Give buyers an opportunity to see beyond the current decor!

Just how many agents are opting for a virtually-renovated or virtually-staged home? One article suggests that is becoming a popular option. “After all, home staging is popular—and successful—because buyers often have a difficult time imagining what a space might look like if it is empty or if the furniture is unattractive. And virtual renovation takes the guesswork out of homes that need really big leaps of imagination.”

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