3 Tips to Create a Great Property Website

3 Tips to Create a Great Property Website
September 5, 2018 Sierra Freeman

Having a great property website is a must when it comes to showcasing your listing. Property websites give potential buyers the opportunity to visit the house more than once. While it may not be in person, giving them a Matterport walkthrough and detailed pictures of every room to capture the flow, they will be able to envision themselves in the home. Not to mention, it can save you a lot of time as an agent not having to take them to the home in person.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get your property website working for you:

Make sure people know it’s there. Advertise it however you can, newsletters, social, flyers and writing it on the back of someone’s hand.

If people don’t know about it, it’s just a sitting duck. Get it in front of people however you can.

Google adwords are your friend

Google pick a few keywords that are relevant to your property. Think about what people would search for related to your property. It’s doubtful that they would type in your actual property address unless they had already been to an open house, so advertise for things like; highlights of the neighborhood, schools, restaurants etc…

Most of all, it has to look professional.

Just like you think that a company’s website should be professional, so should your property website, if it’s hard to navigate and looks sloppy, it can deter buyers. There are plenty of hosting sites that offer templates to use or you can always get your own with us.


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