Year in Review: 2020

Year in Review: 2020
December 29, 2020 Sierra Freeman
2020 Year in Review

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In 2020, our quickly-growing team was hard at work to make your experience with Open Homes more rewarding than ever.

83,358: the number of email responses we created

2020 was a record-breaking year for the number of emails we received and sent! Our Customer Service team members who have been with us full-time since the beginning of the year each solved an average of 7,600 tickets.

19,366: the total number of inbound and outbound calls we made and received

We were able to successfully complete 71.7% of the calls that came in. Additionally, we answered the phone after just 31 seconds on average. The average time that customers waited in the queue was just 8 seconds before a Customer Service representative was able to complete the call.

89% of New Service Requests received a response in 3 business hours or less

We received more New Service Request than ever before, but we were still able to respond with a confirmation in 3 hours or less 89% of the time! If you’re looking for the Order Form, click here!

6: the number of Customer Service Representatives we hired

In addition to strengthening our Customer Service team, we brought on 20 new Visual Artists (photographers, videographers, and draftspersons) to help improve our coverage across the Bay Area and the surrounding areas.

98% of emails received a “good” satisfaction rating

The vast majority of you are very happy with the service we provide! Plus, a whopping 33% of those who responded that they were satisfied also left a (usually very nice!) comment along with their rating. November was our “top-rated” month with a 98.2% satisfaction rating.

1.8 million: the number of users who visited property websites

If you’re having trouble imagining 1.8 million users, that is approximately the population of Phoenix, Arizona!

2.2 million: the number of sessions on our property websites

Over 2 million new sessions were initiated on our property websites. That’s no surprise, especially since digital marketing took center stage like never before thanks to the shutdown of open houses and broker tours.

1.2 million: the number of images we processed

Finally, our Creative Team processed an astounding 1.2 million images for us this year! That’s a lot of beautiful homes.


We’re looking forward to serving you in 2021!


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