5 Must Have Summer Decorations for Your Home

5 Must Have Summer Decorations for Your Home
September 14, 2018 Sierra Freeman
  1. Flowers
    1. We’ve said it before, and we will say it again. Freshly cut flowers are the bomb!
    2. Where to get ‘em. Have a garden? No need to spend money on a bouquet. Just get some clippers and pick your favorites. Just make sure to always cut stems with a sharp tool at a 45 degree angle. This increases the surface area of the stem so they can absorb more water and stay fresher longer.
    3. No garden? Farmgirl flowers makes awesome arrangements and you have the option to get the “Grown in the US of A” bouquet to keep your flowers local
  2. Throws
    1. Draping a throw over a couch or chair adds a cosy element to any room. You can keep them neutral or use them to bring a pop of color into your room.
    2. Find some of our favorites at Amber Interiors.
  3. Pillows
    1. Pillows for the bed, pillows for the couch, pillows for the chairs, pillows for the floor… nowadays you can literally put pillows anywhere. They are a quick stylistic element to add some dimension to whichever surface you put them on. Check out the Citizenry for a wide selection.  
  4. Rugs
    1. This is a bit of a bigger purchase but if you feel like your room needs a bigger update switching out the rugs can make a room much more interesting. There are some great companies out there that either make or source beautiful rugs at a much more affordable price.
    2. Look and Kiln has everything from Kilim rugs to Persian rugs and most of them are all vintage which ads to a cozy, lived in look.
    3. If you need something a little more apt for wear and tear, Ruggable is an awesome option. Their rugs are beautiful and modern and are, stain resistant, waterproof, and machine washable.
  5. Storage
    1. Spring cleaning means decluttering but sometimes not everything has its place. For items like keys, coins or anything else that seems to create clutter, get pretty baskets to place in high traffic areas to keep things more organized. Local and Lejos sells beautiful handmade baskets that they source from artisans around the world.
    2. For any other general styling items you might need like coffee table books or vases, check out the General Store for a wide selection.


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