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How to Stay Busy During the Slow Season

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Wintertime can be slow for buyers, but that doesn’t mean it has to be slow for agents. Even though you might not be going to as many open houses or have as many active clients, there are still plenty of things to keep you busy. This list will set you up for when your clients decide they’re ready to buy.

Get Organized

First thing’s first; get organized. Put together a set of lists: clients that may have fallen off, clients you can ask to give referrals, connections you need to reach back out to, and the lists go on.

Make a list of to-dos, then do them

Once you have your lists set up, make to-do lists. Whether it’s composing personalized email messages, sending out holiday cards or letters to clients in their new homes, start deciding which messages go to what people. And then, actually start writing email drafts and creating everything so it’s ready to go once the holidays are over.

Send New Year’s Cards

People get loaded up with Christmas cards so sending out a New Year’s card is a great way to get your card a bit more attention. It’s also more personal than an email and will remind potential clients that you’re in business and are ready for them when they decide to begin their home search.

Send a Useful Email Blast

If you have client addresses, the New Years’ card is a much more personalized way to get peoples’ attention. However, if you have mostly emails, sending out market trends and/or predictions emails is a good way to get in front of people without sounding spammy or desperate. It’s a way to inform buyers about things that may be changing in the upcoming year– like what increasing interest rates mean for buying homes.

The more you can get in front of buyers immediately following the holidays… and then continue reaching out, the better you’ll set yourself up for all the potential in 2019!


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