How to Take The Perfect Headshot

How to Take The Perfect Headshot
August 26, 2019 Sierra Freeman

Having a great-looking headshot is important for a number of reasons. Your headshot is often a potential client’s first chance to form an impression about you and whether they would like to bring you on as their agent. And, whether we like it or not, the vast majority of agent/client relationships are now formed online. In case you won’t have the chance to show off your firm handshake or your winning smile, make sure you’re equipped with the perfect headshot to help assure potential clients that you are friendly, capable, and trustworthy.

1. Dress the part

Many clients are a little nervous about selling or buying a home–especially if they’re new to the process! The clothes you choose for your agent headshot can help put your client at ease. Your best bet is to choose simple, well-fitted clothing. Button-up shirts (especially in subtle or neutral tones) are a fail-safe for everyone.

DO wear complementary colors and subtle patterns

  • Neutral colors look great on pretty much everyone. Stick to softer colors that keep your face as the focus of attention. If you like the pop of brighter colors, be sure they’re solid throughout the clothing item, or layer a darker jacket over bright colors and patterns. Be careful with busy patterns and make sure your jewelry is not overly distracting.

DON’T try something new.

  • It’s great to try new things, but your agent headshot is not the best time to experiment with a cutting-edge fashion trend or feature your brand-new haircut. While these might make for great talking points later on (after your clients have chosen you to represent them), these stylistic choices may have the opposite effect and actually drive clients away.

DO opt for a classic look.

  • Don’t forget that whatever you’re wearing has the potential to date you and your headshot (think of the oh-so-memorable 80’s hairstyles). When in doubt, try to opt for a more classic look that will probably outlast the newest fashion statement.

2. Update regularly

DO keep your photo up-to-date

  • Speaking of a timeless look, it’s important to update your headshot every few years, if not more often. It can be tempting to keep that old agent photo up on all of your sites–especially if it’s a great picture!–but it’s better to keep your photos as current as possible. Don’t forget to update it on all sites, including your personal website, your brokerage’s site, any vendors sites (such as your Open Homes Photographer Agent Dashboard) and social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

3. Keep it simple

DO keep the background neutral and simple

We’ve seen many headshots in our time in the real estate business, and the best photos are the ones with minimal distractions in the background. Natural scenery can work well, as long as the background doesn’t detract from your face–the most important part! For the best headshot that focuses on your face and smile, the background should be neutral and solid (or close to solid, if shooting outdoors). Lastly, make sure your smile looks genuine! 



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