What Kind of Video is Right for My Listing?

What Kind of Video is Right for My Listing?
October 11, 2020 Sierra Freeman


Whether you have a towering Victorian in Presidio Heights or a charming bungalow in Berkeley, our team can help provide the perfect video to showcase your property’s unique charm.

We offer two main video types: standard, interior video, and aerial video. You are welcome to order just one, or both. If you order both, we will automatically combine both types of footage into one comprehensive video that shows all the best parts of the home–inside and out.

Why choose a video at all?

If photos are the bread and butter of marketing, then Video Tours are the dessert. In most cases, your home will sell with or without a video tour. The question is: for how much and how quickly?  

Dessert isn’t a necessity, but there’s a reason it’s popular. And there’s a reason that we’re one of the most popular companies when it comes to real estate video tours in California!

Video Tours are a great way to set your listing apart from all the rest and show off what can’t be completely captured in photos. Maybe it’s the way the camera circles up the spiral staircase. Maybe it’s the view outside the master bedroom of the Golden Gate. Or maybe it’s the winding driveway the drone captures on its journey up to the house.

We’ve found that video tours (both standard, interior videos and aerial) help show off the best parts of the home in a way that static photos cannot. If your listing could benefit from a more artistic approach, then order the bread and butter–but also leave room for dessert.

Can I see some examples?

An aerial video is for exterior only and is captured with a drone. Here’s an example: https://vimeo.com/456378926

A standard, interior video will capture the exterior facade before moving inside and will also capture backyard shots. Here is an example: https://vimeo.com/456468616

Some agents decide to order BOTH kinds of videos and we combine them. Here is an example: https://vimeo.com/455997306

A quick note about aerial work!

We are not able to complete aerial work at all houses. If the house is situated in a no-fly zone due to a nearby airport, for example, we may be able to launch the drone. That’s right–the drone physically will not fly in some zones due to FAA guidelines! Two of the most pertinent FAA guidelines are:

Flight is not permitted directly over non-participating people.
Flight is not permitted within 5 miles of an airport without prior authorization (our photographers are sometimes, but not always, able to obtain this onsite)

We cannot fly to shops, downtown areas, parks, schools, etc–even if they’re close to the subject property. The aerial video is meant to show off the home and the area directly surrounding the home. These areas might be captured when the drone flies vertically above the home, but we cannot have the drone actually leave the space above the home to visit these areas.

What all is included when I order a Video, and Aerial Video, or both?

Anytime you order a video, we will make sure to send you all the versions that you’ll need for your listing.

At no additional cost to you, you will receive these types of videos:

Branded: this includes agent and brokerage information, if applicable.

Unbranded: this version does not contain any agent or brokerage information, and is therefore suitable for the MLS.

Teaser: this version is 30-seconds by default (unless you specify otherwise) and works great for social media posts.


Still unsure about which kind of video you might need? Use this handy chart to help you figure it out!


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