Announcing our “MLS-compliant” facade images!

Announcing our “MLS-compliant” facade images!
October 29, 2019 Sierra Freeman

It can be tough to keep track of the ever-changing MLS rules and regulations, but one rule that’s been in place for a while (and is likely here to stay) is that no images posted to the MLS can include the agent’s name, brokerage, email address, phone number, or other contact information. Most commonly, sign riders are the culprit; if any facade images featuring contact information are posted to the MLS, agents can find themselves faced with citations or even fines.

We’ve made it a little easier to follow this particular guideline by automatically providing MLS-compliant facade images. While processing the photos from your photoshoot, our editors will keep an eye out for any exterior shots which include agent information (usually featured on a “For Sale” sign out front or a sign hung in a window). If our team sees any of these signs, we’ll will provide a version of that photo with the offending information blurred out (free of charge!)

As always, these photos will be available to you the morning after your photoshoot. When viewing your photos, you should see two versions of each photo: one titled normally (for example, 01.jpg) and one indicating that it has been edited to remove the contact information (for example, 01_MLS.jpg).

Of course, some agents prefer not to have the sign out front at all! If you would like to skip the blurring altogether, make sure to remove the For Sale sign before our photographers come out for the photoshoot. For more tips on how to get the most out of your photoshoot, be sure to check out our blog here!

Take a look at some examples below for how we blur out contact information from facade images and help your images stay MLS-compliant.

Click here for information on MLS Rules & Regulations.


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